2020 Visualizer

See how much time has already been passed. Make use of what's left

Live Project

Watch Next

Watch Next is a web app that is built using vue.js and TMDB api. It shows you latest tv shows and movies and let's you search through them.

Live Project

Pick Color

Pick Color is a React app which is built using native state management in React. It let's the user draw on a canvas with any of his choosen colors.

Read It

Read It is an Angular app that let's you read top headlines from all around the world. The App uses api to fetch data.

Live Project

Landscape Change Monitoring System

A web app where you can look for changes in the Indian landscape that happened over the years. The app consumes Bhuvan Maps API.

Live Project

CSS Animations

CSS Animations is a fun project that I do to learn more about CSS animations and how I can implement them.

Live Project